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Pool renovation in Wilton Manor

At Wilton Manor, a pool renovation project stood out for its impact on the residential environment. The client’s request was clear: open up and remove concrete beams and arches surrounding the pool to create a larger, more modern space.

The meticulous process began with the crew cutting the concrete sections, paying special attention to the thickness of the beams and columns, which measured 12 inches. This crucial step demanded precision and care to avoid collateral damage and ensure safety in the environment.

After removing the concrete sections, the area was thoroughly cleaned, preparing it to reveal the final result. The client, whose expectations were high, was pleasantly surprised to see a pool now more open to view, which generated a feeling of spaciousness and modernity in the patio of his house.

This project not only met the client’s wishes, but also demonstrated the team’s ability to execute complex jobs with efficiency and precision. The renovation not only improved the aesthetics of the pool, but also elevated the aesthetic and functional value of the outdoor space, providing a more welcoming and contemporary place to enjoy the outdoors.

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