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Demolition of 16 inch Green Floor

In a project that defied convention and demonstrated the team’s ability to adapt, the demolition of the unusually robust 16-inch concrete floor was carried out on the client’s property. This story chronicles the demolition odyssey, a true feat that required ingenuity, determination and a healthy dose of audacity.

From the beginning, the task presented itself as a formidable challenge. The client, with the vision of transforming their outdoor space, requested the removal of the concrete floor to make way for grass. However, what initially seemed like a standard task soon became a monumental challenge.

The first attempts at demolition with standard hydraulic hammer machinery resulted in disappointment. The surprisingly strong fiber concrete defied all attempts to be penetrated. Additionally, it was discovered that an excessive amount of material had been used, making the task even more challenging.

Faced with this adversity, the team did not give up. Instead of giving in to the difficulties, they opted for a bold and unconventional solution: using a saw with a 10-inch penetration. This tactic, although risky, proved to be the key to gradually weakening the floor and paving the way for its elimination.

Each cut was a step forward in the battle against stubborn concrete. With ingenuity and determination, the team moved forward, facing each obstacle with unwavering resolve. Despite the lack of space for larger machinery, they managed to overcome the challenges and remove the concrete floor, meeting the client’s vision.

The demolition of the 16-inch green floor was not simply a construction project, but a test of human ability to push limits. Facing the impossible with courage and creativity, the team demonstrated that there is no challenge too great when you have the determination to succeed.

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